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How do I capture gameplay with Luna Replay on a mobile device?
How do I capture gameplay with Luna Replay on a mobile device?

Learn how to create videos using your mobile device in conjunction with Luna Replay.

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As a developer you can make use of the follow the steps to start recording replays from a device of your choice:

  1. Install Replay into your project. (Full guide on installation here)

  2. Make sure you are signed into your Creative Suite account, and that capture mode is enabled

  3. Open Unity's Build Settings and create a build for your chosen platform (Android or iOS). After building you can run the package on your device of choice:


  • Requires XCode installed on your machine.

  • Open Unity-iPhone.xcodeproj file from build folder in XCode.

  • Link Apple account associated with the iPhone you wish to record from.

  • Tick Automatically manage signing. (Will reduce the amount of options to fill out)

  • Input your Company name into the Team field & add your game's name under Display Name.

  • Hit build, upon completion your game will appear on the mobile device


  • Upload the .apk file generated in your build folder to a cloud service of your choosing.
    (Keep in mind you will need to access the file from your device. We recommend using Google Drive)

  • In your device's settings navigate to Biometrics and security & enable Install unknown apps.

  • Download the .apk file on your device. You can do this through a browser like Chrome, or via the app of the cloud service you are using (if one exists) e.g. the Google Drive app.

  • Once downloaded your game will appear on your home screen.

You can now begin capturing gameplay from the application downloaded to your phone. This will involve the usual steps of pressing "Start Recording" on the Replay UI at the top of the screen, and playing until you are satisfied and then hit "Finish recording".

Be sure to name and save your capture before closing the app on your phone.
If you wish to create another capture simply close the app and reopen it.

You can read more about capturing via a device here.

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