You can see the altered versions of your video by clicking the Customise button on the Playground edit page.

You can then select your changes by clicking on the row containing the changes you have made.
You can find an example of this process at the end of this page.

NOTE: If you have followed the above steps but still do not see changes in your video it could be due to one or more of these possible problems:

  • LunaPlaygroundField attributes may have been applied to the wrong variables in your game's code in Unity.

  • The Linux build has not been updated after changes were made to the game's code.
    In these cases a developer will need to check the LunaPlaygroundField attributes in the Unity project, and hit 'Build Linux and Upload' (found in the Tools menu) to update the build.

  • The Linux build is experiencing errors or crashing. Please check the logs for the capture which is not accurate.
    You can find the logs by navigation to the render screen, and downloading the video. Within the downloaded archive is a player.log file.

Example of the customise process:

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