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How do I edit video settings in Creative Suite?
How do I edit video settings in Creative Suite?

Change the settings and parameters of a video easily inside the Replay UI.

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Changing Video Settings (Creating Video Presets)

Luna Replay provides a number of controls and settings for your Videos.

To edit these settings select your Replay project in Creative Suite, and hover over the left hand side of the page to open the menu. Then simply click on Video Settings.

(Note: If you have yet to make a Video Preset you will be asked to make one)

If you are unsure what settings to use, we suggest you use one of the presets available.

For full details about the settings available, please review the Video Settings documentation.

Changing Custom Create Values

If you wish to change your custom field values to produce variants of your videos, simply navigate to the Replay in Create & on the left hand side of the video preview there will be a column containing your custom fields.

You can:

  1. Change the value of the field.

  2. Rename the field.

  3. Reorder the fields.

You can also read more on Video Sets and Game Variables here.

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