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Uploading creatives to ad networks directly from Creative Suite
Uploading creatives to ad networks directly from Creative Suite

Use Creative Suite's 'Publish' feature to upload your creative versions directly to multiple ad networks at the same time.

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Creative Suite offers the ability to upload creative versions directly to supported ad networks from within our Creative Library - we refer to this feature as Publish. It can help you save valuable time by uploading multiple creative assets to multiple ad networks simultaneously without leaving the Creative Suite.

Requirements for using Publish

  • Your account must have access to the Publish feature, if it does not then please reach out to your Luna account team

  • Have at least one Connection added to your Creative Suite account, in order to do this you must have login credentials and/or API authentication details for the ad network you wish to add and have an admin account in Creative Suite.

  • Have creative versions ready to upload to ad networks

Networks we currently support

  • ironSource

  • Facebook

  • Unity Ads

  • TikTok

  • Google Ads

  • Applovin

We plan on adding support for additional networks over time, based on demand and ad networks' API capabilities.

How to use the feature

1. Connect Creative Suite to your ad network account(s)

Whilst signed into with an admin user, navigate to the Connections section in your company settings and add a connection for each network you wish to upload to.

Ad networks like ironSource and UnityAds will require you to enter various details like API Key, Secret, Refresh Token etc to access their management API - information on how to obtain these details can be found in the ad networks' documentation (Docs: Unity, ironSource).

Other networks, like Facebook, simply require you to log in with your account and authorize Creative Suite to access your ad account.

Once you've added networks, they will be listed on the Connections page and will be enabled for any teammate in to use for uploading creatives

2. Identify the version(s) you want to upload

Navigate to the Creative Library and first select an app, followed by the creative that contains the version(s) you wish to upload. Once on the Versions page for your chosen creative, either select multiple versions to upload and press the icon denoting 'Export selected':

Or, if you only wish to upload a single creative version, simply click the icon on the row for the version you want to upload:

3. Enter the Publish page and configure the networks you wish to upload to

You will now see the Publish page for your selected version(s), this is where you can either Download ad network builds locally or, in this case, upload them directly to ad networks. To upload your creative assets, click the 'Publish' tab in the upper right of the page.

If you do not have access to the Publish feature then this tab will not appear in your account. You will only be able to download builds.

Simply check the box next to any ad network you wish to upload your creative assets to (shown on the left, as well as any export allowances that apply to your Creative Suite account). Once you've selected a network, it will present additional options for you to populate - these are required fields and differ based on the ad network selected.

For example, Facebook requires you to select an ad account for you to upload the creative. ironSource requires you to select a title.

4. Publish your creative assets

Once you're happy with your settings on the Publish page, go ahead and click Publish and will initiate the upload process in the background. If everything is set up correctly, your creative assets should be very shortly available in your ad network creative library for trafficking.

Using creative assets uploaded from Creative Suite in campaigns

Currently, when uploading creative assets to ad networks using Publish, they will be placed into the creative libraries inside your ad network account and not associated with any specific campaign or ad.

Follow the steps below for each network to provision campaigns using the assets you've uploaded.


ironSource conducts a human review of all uploaded creatives. Creative assets you upload from Creative Suite will not appear in your ironSource account until your creative is approved as part of their QA process, you will receive an email at the address associated with your account when this review is complete.

Assets uploaded from Creative Suite to ironSource will appear as existing assets when you create a Creative Set inside of a Campaign in the Promote section of ironSource.

When you upload to ironSource from Creative Suite , you are required to select a Title from your ironSource account. The uploaded creative asset(s) will only appear in the Creative Set dialog when you have selected the correct title in the dropdown on the upper right.



Playables uploaded to Facebook are available only within the ad account selected at the time of upload. When editing/creating an ad in Ad Manager, the creatives you've uploaded will appear in the dropdown for selecting a creative.

Videos and Images

Creatives of this type can be found and selected from the Business Media Library.

Unity Ads

Creative assets uploaded to Unity Ads can be selected whilst building a Creative Pack in the Unity platform. Simply use the 'Choose existing' dropdown to select the creative(s) you've uploaded.


Creative assets uploaded to TikTok are placed into the Assets library associated with the Ad Account selected at the time of upload.

You can easily find uploaded creative assets by navigating to the library by selecting 'Assets' from the navigation bar at the top of the page in TikTok Ads Manager. When creating ads, you can select creatives by selecting the 'From library' option.

Here's an example of where you'd find uploaded Playable Ads in TikTok Ads Manager:


After creating a connection with AppLovin, you can upload your creative assets directly into a specific ad campaign.

In order to get a successful upload to the AppLovin ad network, you will also be required to select a creative set. You can choose between already existing ones located in the drop-down menu, or you can add an entirely new creative set by clicking on the "+" icon.

This will pop up an input field where you can give a name to your creative set. Click "done" and the new set will appear in the drop-down menu under the label "new".

Once this is completed proceed with the upload to the ad network. AppLovin places creative assets into the Ads library associated with the ad campaign selected at the time of the upload.

You will find three different types of creative sets where the uploaded assets can be used in.

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