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How to search for apps, creatives, versions and more
How to search for apps, creatives, versions and more

Creative Suite Search Bar allows users to search, identify and navigate to various objects from any location within the creative library.

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Creative Suite features a global Search Bar; this allows users to find different items from any location within the creative library quickly and efficiently.

Located at the top of the page in Creative Suite, users can search by name (exact or partial) or ID and will be presented with any matching results. Additionally, the searched text is highlighted in the results.

As an added bonus, the search bar can now be quickly focussed by pressing the forward-slash (/) key.

Using the global search bar, users may also search for files in their Media Library in addition to items in the Creative Library. This feature enables creative production teams to be more efficient when creating ad creatives in LPG.

These are all the items that the search bar indexes in your creative library:

  • Apps

  • Creatives

  • Versions

  • Media Library Files (videos, images, audio, fonts and others)

Default results will return all the matches found in the creative library. Users can also filter the result according to what type of item they are looking for:

The results will include a clickable breadcrumb that allows users to access any object in the hierarchy of the returned result.

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