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How to view the status of published creative versions
How to view the status of published creative versions

For a given creative version, use the Published tab to view a list of ad network uploads including status, details and audit log.

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The Publish feature is currently in Closed Beta and only available to selected customers. Get in touch with your Luna account team for more information.

The ability to view the creatives that have been uploaded, as well as the ad networks they have been submitted to and their status is imperative for increasing production efficiency for our customers. Hence, we introduced the Published Tab within the creative version page in Creative Suite, which stores and displays the history and current state of any published build.
This is a natural extension of the direct upload feature.

Published Tab Features

The Published tab is located next to the version tab. After a build has been successfully uploaded, the user is presented with all the published versions of a single creative version as well as detailed information about its upload status.

Users can view different types of information about the selected version in different fields:

  • Name: the name of the creative version. Once a version is published it is extremely important that they are able to retrace this version back to Luna. Therefore, once published, a version would become immutable and the name cannot be changed.

  • Network: the ad network where the build has been uploaded.

  • Uploaded by: the user that uploaded the creative version.

  • Last update: the last time the creative changed status (i.e. moving from pending to approved).

  • Creative status: current status of the upload.

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