How to lock/unlock your creatives

Locking creatives prevents unintentional edits to creative versions in the Creative Library

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Locking Creatives allows users to lock creative versions in the Creative Library, preventing it from being edited without first being unlocked.

One of the key purposes of locking creatives is helping teams ensure that a creative in their library can remain an accurate record of any creative assets live on ad networks that originate from that version. To that end, creatives are automatically locked when they are published and the resulting submission's status switches from Pending to Published.

It is possible to modify the playable ad again by unlocking it. However, we strongly advise against this and instead recommend that you duplicate the creative and edit the new copy. This allows you to keep a canonical record of the published ads in your Creative Library.

How does it work?

By selecting the Lock option from the dropdown menu in the creative list, you can lock any of the available versions. Once a creative is locked, it cannot be deleted from the versions list.

Lock option in the dropdown menu

A pop-up notification will appear asking you to confirm if the selected creative needs to be locked. Once you have confirmed, a lock will appear on the icon indicating that the creative has been successfully locked.

Unlock Creatives

In the creative list, users can unlock a locked creative by selecting the Unlock option from the drop-down menu next to the version.

unlock option in dropdown menu

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