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What is Creative Library?
What is Creative Library?

An explanation of Luna's Creative Library, how it can be used and why it can be useful as part of your creative management workflow.

Written by Niall Jones
Updated over a week ago

Luna's Creative Library is a powerful tool that allows you to store, organise and manage all your ad creatives (Interactive, Video & Image) in a single place accessible to your whole team. For creatives stored in Creative Library, you can organise into apps and concepts, manage approval and track status, assign tags, share preview links with teammates and upload directly to ad networks.

Creative Library was built from the ground up for creative and user acquisition teams at mobile game studios and developers. Unlike other digital asset management tools, our platform focusses on driving workflow efficiency and performance gains for teams managing a portfolio of mobile games with functionality like bulk creative upload to SDK networks.

Luna's suite of Create tools such as Playable Plugin and Replay integrate seemlessly into Creative Library enabling you to edit playable creatives and interactive end cards right inside of the Creative Library. All these tools together allows creative and user acquisition teams to easily work together in a single platform.

Who is Creative Library for?

Anyone performing paid user acquisition for mobile apps (especially mobile games, for which Luna has many unique features to support) can benefit from managing their creatives using Creative Library - even for a single app advertising on a single network, you can still benefit hugely from organising, tracking and tagging your creatives in one place.

However, the platform really delivers the most value to your team when you're managing creatives across multiple apps and ad networks. For teams managing large portfolios of apps/games, it's crucial that you're able to keep track of which creatives are being used where, what's live, understand what makes your creative perform and eliminate repetative tasks like uploading to multiple ad networks. Creative Library helps you achieve all of the above and more.

What can you do with Creative Library?

Store and organise your creatives

In Creative Library, all of your creatives are organised first into apps and then into concepts, this organisational structure makes it easy to locate creatives you're interested in and enriches creatives with metadata from the app or concept level (for example, genre and platform).

The Creative Library is designed to store all your creatives, including those are not live - you should use it to manage all creative assets that are yet to go live, live and have previously been used in campaigns.

Enrich creatives with tags and metadata

You can eliminate difficult-to-read, error-prone and unwieldy naming conventions by instead using tags to store the characterists of a creative - when combined with the unique Creative ID given to each creative in the library, you can easily fetch tags for any creative wherever it is deployed without having to rely on naming conventions.

You are also able to filter and sort creatives in the Creative Library using tags and other properties we store, such as resolution, duration etc.

Bulk upload creatives directly to ad networks

We've built integrations with many of the major ad networks including ironSource, Facebook, Google, Unity Ads and TikTok so that you can easily and quickly upload multiple creatives to multiple ad networks all in a single action. You and your team can avoid the repetitive task of uploading creatives manually to multiple platforms, as well as ensure that you never lose track of where a creative is uploaded or where it's being used.

Manage review and status of creatives

Creative status allows you to keep track of which creatives are in draft, requires review, approved, live or no longer used. Creative teams often build creatives that are never used because they can become lost amongst thousands of other unsorted creatives - the status feature in Creative Library helps you to quickly identify underutilised or stale creatives.

Easily share previews with teams

In Creative Library you can easily generate previews for any creative that you can share with other teammates and even other colleagues who don't have a Luna account.

Add new creatives using Luna's other Create tools

As the Creative Library sits as part of the Luna platform, you can easily create Interactive End Cards in seconds using Interactive Templates and import them instantly into the Creative Library. Or, using Playable Plugin you can build high-fidelity, performant playable ads in Unity and upload them straight to the Creative Library without leaving the Unity Editor.

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