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Analysing your creatives with Luna Control
Analysing your creatives with Luna Control

Aggregrate campaign performance data at a true creative level in Luna Control using Creative Library

Written by Niall Jones
Updated over a week ago

Creative Suite and Control are integrated together to enable you to break performance reporting down at a true creative level, using data from your Creative Library. In addition, Control pulls in data like Concept, Tags and more, allowing you to analyse performance in ways you couldn't previously.

Problems surrounding creative analysis

Regardless of the BI tools you may use, analysing campaign performance at a true creative concept and/or a creative level to understand which creatives are driving performance can be difficult and in some cases impossible. There are a few issues that can prevent you from doing this:

  • Most if not all BI tools, like Luna Control , rely on creative names from ad network reporting APIs when grouping data at a creative level. Often the creative name on the ad network will not match the name of the original creative asset and in your reports you will see several rows in a creative breakdown that actually all represent the same creative asset

  • Another consequence of the above point is that several creative assets may all be very similiar but vary in format, dimensions, other minor traits and ultimately name. This group of creatives may represent what you want to consider a single creative or concept for the purpose of meaningful performance analysis but in your reporting it is split into multiple rows

These two issues means that often it is impossible or very difficult to get an accurate and complete picture of how a meaningfully distinct creative or concept is performing when trying to perform performance analysis.

By using Creative Library in combination with Luna Control , the issues above no longer apply and you can analyse performance at a true creative asset level or at a concept level.

How Luna solves this problem

Creative Library and Control work together to solve the issues preventing creative analysis by doing the following:

  1. Our platform will aggregate performance data from multiple ad networks to a single canonical creative asset in our database using our universal creative ID and mapping it to the ad networks' native creative asset IDs

  2. Creating logical groupings of those creative assets into concepts so that data relating to multiple creatives that vary from one another in immaterial ways can be grouped and analysed as a row in your creative performance reporting

In Creative Library, you can use our Publish feature to upload creatives directly to ad networks via Luna's API integrations, any time you do this we recieve an Asset ID for the creative back from the ad network and store this ID alongside the creative’s Luna Universal Creative ID (LUCID). This means that even if the name of the creative changes, or if it is used acrossed multiple ads or bundled into a creative pack, we will always be able to identify that creative.

To enable grouping by concept, we use to our advantage the fact that every creative in CL has to be grouped into Concept. Interactive creatives are even automatically placed into concepts because of how Creative Suite creates playable variations.

How to use this data


  • In order to analyse your performance data from ad networks with Creative Library breakdowns you must be using Luna Control . If not, please see here for more details.

  • To see concept or creative level breakdowns in Control , the creative being used in the campaign must be stored in Creative Suite 's Creative Library and have been originally uploaded to the ad network via our Publish feature


  • We can only relate performance data back to Creative Library LUCIDs when the creative was uploaded via our own Publish feature. Not all ad networks are supported by Publish at this time, although we're always adding more. However, you should still be able to derive valuable creative-level insights from the activity on the networks we do support - even if it doesn't represent 100% of your campaign spend


  1. Reach out to your Luna representative to ask about the functionality; this integration is currently in a closed alpha and we will need to enable it on your account

  2. Once we've enabled the integration, any performance data in Control that meets the above requirements will automatically start being mapped to your creatives in Creative Library

  3. In Control 's "Creative" analysis tab, you will see a toggle that allows you to switch the view to group performance data by Creative Library creative (or LUCID) and concept

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