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The Asset Library is part of the Media Library provided in Creative Suite . Whilst the Media Library allows you to upload unique content to use across any creative your Creative Suite account, the Asset Library includes a wide variety of assets provided by Luna.

Accessing the Asset Library​

When editing a playable in Creative Suite , certain assets can be overridden. Depending on how you're building your playables, you will need to check out the following guides in order to expose assets (images, videos, fonts etc)

Asset Types​

Within the Asset Library, Luna provides a number of assets that fall into three main categories - Controls, Gestures and Seasonal.


Controls provide a number of functional assets that can be used for a variety of scenarios.


Backgrounds are textures that can commonly be used in the Choices template for the Choice Button Background. They can also be used for plain backgrounds, for example in the end card.


The buttons provided in the asset library are all 9-slice which means they can adapt to any size of button required. Luna provides a range of colours, shapes and styles.


Utilities are simple, plain and transparent images that can be useful in a number of places such as the end card background, or content background.


Gestures are set of APNGs which can be used for the hints in your Interactive Templates playables. Each gesture's focus point is at the centre of the asset, so you can change assets without needing to alter the position heavily.


Various arrows/chevrons in all directions.

Pro Tip: Use the Hint's Flip and Rotate options to control the direction of your arrows!


Hands animated to depict drawing a line in various styles.


Tap and hold animations.


Various fingers trace the infinity symbol - typically used to indicate free-form interaction.


Fingers indicate to the user that they should press a button/item.


Hands animated to show a pinching motion.


Hands animated to indicate a rotating motion.


A selection of different swipe animations with various styles.


A selection of different tap animations with various styles.


Similar to Controls, these assets are available in a variety of seasons and can be used in various scenarios.

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