Connecting your Unity Ads account

How to locate the credentials required to connect your Unity Ads account to Luna Creative Suite in order to upload creatives

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You can upload creatives directly to the ad networks you wish to use them on from within the Creative Library using our Publish function. To start exporting your creatives in this way, you must first create a Connection.

A Connection is a link between Luna Creative Suite and your ad network account that allows you to directly upload creatives and track their status in Creative Library. To create a Connection you will need to enter credentials from your ad network account.

Required credentials to create a Unity Ads connection

Credential Name


Why we need it


Service User Key

Credentials of a service user in your Unity organization that you will need to create with the neccessary permissions

Grants permission to Luna Creative Suite to upload creatives and track their status and performance


Service User Secret

See above

See above


Organization Core ID

Your Unity organization's ID

Identify your organisation in Unity Ads so we can upload creatives to your account


Advertising Stats API Token

A token that provides read-only API access to your Advertising statistics for your Unity organisation

To track the status of the creatives you create and upload to Unity Ads as well as calculate the number of installs for optimisation and billing purposes


Organization ID

Your Unity organization's Advertising API ID, found in Acquire settings

Identify your organisation in Unity Ads so we can track creative status and performance


How to obtain your Unity credentials

The credentials listed above can all be found within Unity Dashboard across multiple pages. Most of the credentials required can simply be copied from the appropriate page in Unity Dashboard, the Service User credentials however will require some extra steps.

We reccomend following the steps below in order to most easily obtain the required credentials, make a note of the IDs as you go along.

Organization Core ID

You can find your Organization Core ID by navigating to Unity Dashboard, logging in to your account and looking at the URL in your browser's address bar. You will see a URL similiar to this:

Your Organization's Core ID will be located within the URL in the same position as where you see ORGANIZATION-CORE-ID in our example above. It should be numeric ID.

Make a note of this ID as you will need to use it in the steps below.

Advertising Stats API Token

Navigate to the following URL, being sure to replace ORGANIZATION-CORE-ID with your own ID:

Copy the value listed as API Key as seen here:

Organization ID

Navigate to the following URL, being sure to replace ORGANIZATION-CORE-ID with your own ID:

Copy your Organization ID as seen here:

Service User Credentials

To obtain these credentials you will first need to create a Service Account in your Unity organisation. Service Accounts can be granted permissions and have a key and secret that are used by Luna Creative Suite to authenticate via API.

Follow these steps to create a service user and copy the required credentials

  1. Navigate to the following URL, being sure to replace ORGANIZATION-CORE-ID with your own ID:

  2. Click the Create service account button

  3. Name your service account, for example, 'Luna Creative Suite'

  4. Under Organization roles, click Add organization role and check the box for Advertise API Admin

  5. If the Advertise API is not listed, contact your Unity Client Partner or email us at [email protected].

  6. Under Keys, Click Create key.

  7. Copy the two values you see and note them down, once you close the modal displaying the keys you will no longer be able to view the secret key again

You now have all the credentials required to create a Unity Ads Connection.

Creating the Connection

If you haven't already, navigate to your Connections Settings in Luna Creative Suite and click Add or Connect next to Unity Ads to begin the process.

You will see the following form, simply add the credentials you gathered into this form and click Connect:

You will now be redirected back to Connections Settings where you will be asked to name your Connection and save it. If you do not name and save the connection, it will not be created and you will have to start over.

Once saved, you can now publish your creatives to Unity Ads from Creative Library.

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