3 Tips for Creative Optimisation

Learn how to optimise your creatives for better performance

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Improving Creative Optimisation efficiency

Creative optimisation is a key factor for the success of your UA activity. In this article we will explore 3 strategies for better creative optimisation efficiency:

#1 Build and Test more variants

Having enough variants or creatives to test is essential to keep improving performance and uncovering and opportunities to optimise. The broad diversity of creatives you have will help you get the right insights to make informed decisions.

#2 Optimise according to performance data

Always use creative KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to drive decision making. Some examples of KPIs that can help you with creative optimisation are:

  • Revenue (ARPU - ROAS - ARPDAU)

  • Marketability (CTR)

  • Engagement (TTE - ER - #E)

  • Conversions (CVR - IPM)

#3 Try both macro and micro iterations

Try many different concepts as that often results in a big impact on performance. Once you identify the top-performing concept, you can start iterating on the details and refining your creative (micro-iterations).

Testing features like the background, colour, and length can help optimise performance.

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