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What is a Dynamic Playable and how does it work?
What is a Dynamic Playable and how does it work?

This article explains the concept of Dynamic Playable and its functioning

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What is a Dynamic Playable?

With a Dynamic Playable (DP), you can experiment with different creative variations in one playable ad easily and quickly, without having to upload or send multiple ads to the ad network.

A dynamic playable lets you test up to 64 permutations (unique creative configs) of your ad. Luna Creative Suite will automatically change the playable on the fly and track the ad performance until we find out which combination works best for a metric of your choice.

Dynamic Playable ads not are supported by all playable types in Luna Creative Suite; only Playable Plugin and JS Playables, not Interactive Templates

How does it work?

Generally, when creating interactive ads with Creative Suite, you are able to edit various elements of your creative. For example, you could create a variable field for the colour of your main character, or the level you want the users to play.

Meanwhile, Dynamic Playable allows you to select multiple variations for each creative element, resulting in numerous permutations.

Let's take a look at example!
Imagine your playable has an end card with a call-to-action button, and you want to know which combination of color and message delivers the best results. You decide to test:

  • Colors

    • Green

    • Blue

    • Red

  • Message

    • "Install now"

    • "Download"

A dynamic playable can be used to create a unique permutation for all of these options. The results of the above will be six permutation:

  • Permutation #1: Green + "Install now"

  • Permutation #2: Green + "Download"

  • Permutation #3: Blue + "Install now"

  • Permutation #4 Blue + "Download"

  • Permutation #5 Red + "Install now"

  • Permutation #6: Red + "Download"

Testing your Dynamic Playable

After setting up your variants, you will need to initiate Creative Testing for your playable and finally download the DP and send it to the ad network.

When the ad runs, Creative Suite talks to the playable through client-to-server communication and tells the playable which combination to show for this specific ad impression based on past performance metrics.
More information about creating dynamic playables can be found here.

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