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Understanding your creative test results
Understanding your creative test results

Discover what your creative test's results mean

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Once you've launched your creative test and allowed your dynamic playable to generate results, you can analyze the data by following these steps:

Click on the creative test you want to evaluate. It will display three main sections:

  • Test Status: Check this section to see the completion percentage of your creative test and the number of impressions reached out of the Impression Cap.

  • General Info: Provides general information about your test, including:



Playable Assigned

The dynamic playable assigned for this testing.

Current Winner

The winning permutation (if any) based on current test results.

Optimization Target

The test's optimization target set up by the user when the test is created.

Metric Uplift

This value is calculated based on the highest permutation metric versus the average of all permutations.

Model Segment

The test's model segment set up by the user when the test is created.

Segment Value

The test's segments value set up by the user when the test is created.

  • Permutations: A comprehensive list of all possible permutations for your playable, along with relevant statistics on the chosen metric and division per segment values.

    The permutations can be filtered by segment also you have the possibility to remove or add columns for a more customized view of the data.

You can hover over the segment's status to obtain additional information and the confidence score (which is provided for both successful and inconclusive tests).

For additional information on the selection process of a winner permutation, click here.

Each permutation is available for preview and download, providing you with a clearer understanding what is being tested.

  • Additionally, you can click the "Insights" button located at the top-right of the page to access more detailed insights and analytics about the performance of your dynamic playable.

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