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3 approaches for concept testing your creatives
3 approaches for concept testing your creatives

Learn the basics of testing creative concepts

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By testing your creative concepts, you can learn which one drives the highest engagement with your audience, so you’re only spending budget on concepts that work. Luna Creative Suite’s Interactive Templates are a great way to quickly test your ideas with minimum time and effort.

Tips for testing creative concepts

There’s many strategies for concept testing. To get the best results, we recommend using the following approaches alongside each other in your creative strategy.

Approach 1: Turn your top performing video into an interactive ad

Take the top performing video from your UA campaign and make it interactive. You already know that your concept here connects with users, so going one step further and testing your video as an interactive ad is an easy place to start. Identify the hook from your top performing video, and then focus on adding micro animations like hand pointers to maximize user engagement.

Approach 2: Build concepts for different user motivations

Create multiple concepts that each cater to different user motivations, like self expression, social connection, or progression. The motivation that performs the best will help let you pinpoint why a user is attracted to your game, which you can use to create even more concepts.

Once you find the winning concept, test different variations of the winner and from here, you’re on your way to develop a rich interactive experience.

Approach 3: Build concepts using different game mechanics/features

After some time running creatives, it might feel like you’ve saturated the market with gameplay concepts that are no longer scaling. Here are three tips for building concepts that incorporate different mechanics and features from your game/app:

1) Use the latest gaming trends to your advantage

  • Implementing concepts that have shown to be successful in other gaming genres can help you reach different audiences

2) Mix inauthentic elements with original gameplay

  • Hybrid concepts combine native gameplay elements and inauthentic ones to increase engagement - you’ll stand out in a competitive market

3) Hook users with inauthentic gameplay

  • While inauthentic elements are great for catching users’ attention, note that this approach won’t necessarily retain users because they aren’t seeing what they’ll actually get in your game/app

All approaches can be mixed and matched - choose the ones that work best for your creative strategy.

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