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Using Playable Plugin with Luna Creative Suite
(Playable Plugin) How do I add my game to Luna Creative Suite?
(Playable Plugin) How do I add my game to Luna Creative Suite?

Creating and adding a new build from the Playable Plugin to Creative Suite.

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It is possible for a Developer to upload a build directly from within the Playable Plugin in Unity:

  1. Make sure all game changes have been made (size optimisation, Creative Suite fields, etc.)

  2. Open the Playable Plugin window from within Unity (Ctrl+E) and ensure you are signed into the correct account

  3. Navigate to the Build & Upload section

  4. Select the Upload to Creative Library tab

  5. Choose under which App your concept will be added

  6. Select New Concept if you're creating a new concept or choose one of the existing ones to update

  7. Before you upload to Creative Suite, please make sure your Playable Health Status is in good condition. For more info on this click here

  8. Click the Build & upload button

  9. Wait for the progress bar to complete in the bottom left of the window, after it does your playable will appear in Creative Suite

Alternatively, a Developer can manually upload a Creative Suite build by following these steps:

  1. Open the Playable Plugin window from within Unity (Ctrl+E)

  2. Select the arrow on the right of the build button and select "Build Develop"

  3. Press the build button after selecting this and wait for the progress bar to complete

  4. An alert window will open: please select the Open build folder option.

  5. This will take you to the folder containing your build. To be precise, in your project directory under the "LunaTemp → stage4 → create-hub". There will be a .zip file

  6. Navigate to Creative Suite in your browser and ensure you're signed in.

  7. Drag and drop the Creative file to the cloud icon in the apps page in Creative Suite.

(You can also drop the file over an existing build's cloud icon to update it)

You can read about this process in greater detail here.

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