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Interactive Templates - FAQ
Interactive Templates - FAQ
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General ​

What size is the Interactive Templates engine​

Interactive Templates is based on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The total size of an empty playable is ~200kb.

I would like to change something in the playable but there's not the option I need. What can I do?​

We've exposed the most commonly used options in each of the templates. However, if you think we're missing something valuable, then why not leave us some feedback and let us know?

What is the difference between the Media Library and Asset Library?​

The Media Library is a feature which allows you to upload and manage your various media across various products.

The Asset Library (which is within the Media Library) gives you access to a set of default assets provided by us to use across your creatives.

Why doesn't the audio play until the user clicks?​

Autoplay is a browser limitation and is defined at a user level. Please refer to this policy update for more information. Therefore, when testing your playable ad you may find that the audio doesn't start automatically.

However, this may not be the case when the ad is displayed by the ad network SDK.

We, therefore, recommend you test or consult with the ad network for specific behaviour.

Can I disable the end card?​

Whilst you can’t disable the end card, you can remove all fields and use a transparent image (provided in the Luna Asset Library) to achieve this result.

  • Change the type to “Button Only”

  • For the Button image, use the Transparent image provided in Assets > Controls > Utilities

  • Change the background colour to transparent

And then, in the App Store Controls section, enable the ‘Whole End Card Is Clickable’ field.

Interactive Templates build size is bigger after exporting

For Interactive Templates build, we actually need to apply some other settings (e.g. encoding related) to the video to make sure it can be played/paused correctly on all devices. Some old devices / specific browsers might have issues handling the playback. That is why the size becomes bigger after exporting.

Because most ad networks use inline HTML, the video clip is actually embedded in the source code, and this will also increase the build size. This rule applies to all inline HTML and is not quite avoidable, all video/image/audio assets will have a slight increase in size.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Compress the video / decrease the video resolution

  • Decrease the audio bitrate

  • Compress the image

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