Tap To End Card
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Tap to End Card

The Tap To End Card template plays a looped video with a hint image overlaid. After a single user interaction, an end card is displayed. The App Store Controls allow you to configure whether this is a 1 or 2 tap experience.

When to use it?​

This template can serve a wide array of use cases and works well as an interactive end card (IEC). You can show a video from the beginning of a level, or a segment just before a key milestone in the game i.e. a character dodging an enemy.

How to use it?​

Required assets​

The following are the required assets in order to make this template a success.

  • Background video or image

  • Hint image

  • End card icon

Configurable Fields​

This template includes a selection of general configurable fields which are all detailed here.

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