Tap To Un-Loop
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Tap to Un-Loop

The Tap To Un-Loop template plays a looped sequence in a video until the user interacts. After the interaction, the video will play until finished before an end card is displayed.

When to use it?​

This template is a great option for enticing the user to interact with your playable, as you can display the start of a level or a segment just before a key milestone in the game. This allows the user to trigger the action and then watch the outcome.

How to use it?

Required assets​

The following are the required assets in order to make this template a success.

  • Background video or image

  • Hint image

  • End card icon

Configurable Fields​

This template includes a selection of general configurable fields which are all detailed here.

The specific fields which are provided with the Tap To Play template are listed below.

Loop fields​




Loop since, sec


When to start the loop sequence, the default is 0s.

Loop till, sec


When to stop the loo sequence, and go back to the loop since time.

Skip to loop end

On or Off

Whether upon a user interaction, the video sequence skips to the end of the loop time and continues, or play through any remaining time in the loop sequence.

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