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The Choices template allows you to present the user with up to three visual items to choose from, using the image and/or text, overlaid on a video or background image. An animated hint cycles between each choice.

When to use it?

This template is great if your game contains a lot of visually-attractive elements that you want to showcase at the end of a video ad. For example, you can present the user with a choice of characters, levels or items.

How to use it?

Required assets​

The following are the required assets in order to make this template a success.

  • Background video or image

  • Icons/images for the choices

Configurable Fields​

This template includes a selection of general configurable fields which are all detailed here.

The specific fields which are provided with the Choices template are listed below.

Choices Section​





  • Two Options

  • Three Options

How many choices you will present to the user.

Loop Video

On or Off

If on the gameplay video will loop in the background, if off it will not loop.

Choice Appearance Delay

Float value (Number value that allows decimals, negative values will default the value used back to 0)

How long in seconds before the choices will appear.



The text to use for your choices - can be left blank for no text.



The hint text for your choices i.e. a phrase that tells the use what they're choosing such as "Pick your next hero!".

Icon Enabled

On or Off

Whether or not to include and icon (image) in the choices panel.



The image to use for your choice. A square image is recommended.


  • Top

  • Middle

  • Bottom

The vertical alignment of the choices group.


  • Vertical

  • Horizontal

Whether the choices are aligned horizontally in a row, or vertically over two rows.


  • Match content - automatically sized based on the content

  • Match biggest - panels use the size of the largest panel

  • 1/2 screen (vertical only) - panels will be sized at 50% of the screen width.

-Whole screen (vertical only) - panels will be sized at 100% of the screen width.

How the choices are sized. You will need to adjust this based on the content you're including in your choices. By default, choices panels will adapt based on the content, this will allow you to maintain a consistent size across all choices.

Icon Size


The size of the icon image.

Choice Button Background


The background image to use for the choices panel. Check out our asset library for some pre-built options!

Item Text Color


Color of the item text.

Item Font Size


Size of the item text.

Caption Text Color


Color of the caption text.

Caption Font Size


Size of the caption text.

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