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The basics of Interactive End Cards (IECs)
The basics of Interactive End Cards (IECs)

An introduction to IECs and where Luna Creative Suite comes in

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What are Interactive End Cards?

An interactive end card (IEC) is a creative that appears after a video ad, but can also work as a standalone format. It encourages users to try out your app by giving users a feel for the app’s functionalities.

Example: After watching an ad for a puzzle game, users are given the option to drag the missing piece to complete the puzzle.

Note that using IECs are great for all apps, and not just games.

Why should IECs be part of your UA strategy?

Diversifying your UA strategy with interactive ads is critical for scaling up. Because this format immerses users into an interactive experience, it tends to drive high conversion rates. Additionally, interactive ads drive high retention rates because it gives users a glimpse into what they’ll actually experience in your app. Knowing they’re getting what they see, they’ll stick around longer, which will also increase LTV. Running interactive ads on SDK networks is a great way to maximize user engagement.

Where does Luna Creative Suite come in?

Interactive ads are usually costly and can take weeks to produce, even for those studios with the budgets to outsource their creatives.

That’s where Luna Creative Suite comes in, offering a code-free ad builder that enables you to easily and efficiently produce interactive creatives without expertise or resources.

With our Interactive Templates tool, you can choose from fully customizable templates and build IECs from existing UA videos, static images, and gameplay recordings. For your playable ads, you’ll see in-ad data about the user journey (when users are clicking, dropping etc.), so you can optimize your interactive end cards accordingly.

What do I need to start creating IECs with Luna?

You need the following assets to create an IEC with Luna:

  • Short video or a static image (JPEG & PNG)

  • Character/background assets (GIF & PNG)

  • Up-to-date app/game icons and UI for the end card

To make the creation process easier, our extensive Asset Library provides the following (but feel free to upload your own):

  • Hand pointers

  • CTA buttons

  • Seasonal assets

If you want to know more about assets, check out our tips and tricks article.

Learn more about Luna Creative Suite’s Interactive Templates

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